Honeymoon Beach

Honeymoon Beach has a soft white sand beach, easy shallow water access, and shade from coconut palm trees. Depending on the time of year and number of visitors –  this beach can be one of the island’s true gems. With the addition of a water sports “shack” featuring the Honeymoon Beach All Day Pass including kayak rentals, SUP / stand up paddle board rentals, masks/fins and beach chairs – this wonderful beach offers a bit of everything! 

Bingo Night

If it’s Saturday, it must be BINGO!!
Join us starting at 4:00 pm at Heidi's Hideaway for drinks and to purchase your lucky cards. 
Enjoy a great cheeseburger, chicken sandwich, veggie burger or yummy beef tacos! And as always we’ll be pouring your favorite cold beverage.

Dinghy’s Beach Bar – Music

Dinghy’s Beach Bar & Grill on Honeymoon Beach, Water Island is a cozy tiki bar and grill in paradise. Honeymoon Beach is the highest rated beach on Tripadvisor so if you are looking for something more, come on over to Dinghy’s for an authentic local experience.  

Movie Night on the Beach

Mondays unfortunately get a bad rep because most people dread the rest of the work week. Mix it up! Mondays are the first work day play-day! Water Island does an outdoor movie night every Monday